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Evogreen is a strategic partnership of BEEAH and Polygreen. The company provides integrated circular solutions to stakeholders. Evogreen manages and operates start of the art facilities according to the global standards and regulations of European Union.

For Industrial and Hazardous waste, the company offers customized solutions to industry starting with the comprehension of waste production procedures, collection, and treatment of the waste into products with zero waste to landfill. These products are delivered as Alternative Raw Material or Alternative Solid Fuel to the cement plants conforming to the pre-agreed specifications.

Evogreen is the only company in UAE which offers the circular solutions onshore as well as for marine pollution including port reception facilities and Oil Spill/Emergency Response Servies. The company manages and operates response basis which are equipped with specialized vessels, equipment, and expertise.

Evogreen manages and operates an advanced and well-equipped environmental research laboratory as core part the facilities supported by the expertise of Polygreen Group in Greece, where Polygreen manages one of the most comprehensive environmental research laboratories in Europe.

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